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School Lunch Information

Darien Public Schools have a new lunch service provider this year. Menus and information about ordering lunches is available at Because meals will be delivered to students in classrooms, it will not be possible for students to make individual daily lunch payments in cash in the cafeteria. Payments via the K12 Payment Center are preferred. 


For information about the free and reduced price lunch program, click here


Nutrislice FAQs


Q.) How do I create an account?

A.) Log on to or on a mobile device, download the app from the app store.  Once on the page, click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner. Next click “log in.” Then click, “create an account.” While setting up your account, you will need your child’s local ID number. This is the same number they have used previously as their lunch code (it's the "Local identifier" on ASPEN). 


Q.) How do I fund an account?

A.) You may fund an account online through the K12 Payment Center. If you don’t have an account, please sign up at: . You may also send in a check payable to “Darien School Lunch Program.”  Please include students name and ID number on the check.  


Q.) When can I place my order?

A.) Orders can be placed up to a week in advance.  Order cutoff times are 7:30 am the day of service.


Q.) How do I place my order?

A.) Once you have created your account in Nutrislice, click on the school your child attends to see that school’s menu.

If you see a + in the bottom right hand corner of a menu item that means that item is ready for pre-ordering.  Clicking on a menu item will open the menu for further customization.  Once you are satisfied with your selection click the blue banner at the bottom labeled “add to order.” Repeat the process for any additional items or a la carte choices.  When you are ready to submit the entire order click the bag icon on the top right of the screen, then click “checkout,” and follow the checkout steps. Use the drop down to select delivery time & location to complete the order.


Q.) What if I send my child with lunch and just want to order a la carte items, snacks or beverages?

A.) That is perfectly fine.  You do not need to order full meals to be able to order a la carte snacks or beverages. We are actively working to expand the a la carte options on the Nutrislice menus. Stay tuned!


Q.) What do I do if I forgot to place an order and it’s after 7:30 am on the day of service?

A.) Please email Meghan Bendish at  

**While we certainly understand that these circumstances can arise, please understand that we’ve established these cutoff times for an efficient and orderly service.**  


Q.) How do I cancel an order?

A.) Orders can be cancelled through the Nutrislice ordering system.  Once logged in, go to “order history” and select “cancel order.”  Please note that orders cannot be cancelled after the cutoff time of 7:30 am.  


Q.) What if I have a student with a food allergy?

A.) Parents of students with food allergies should contact Meghan Bendish at to discuss.