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Guidance Team

The mission of the Middlesex Middle School Counseling Department is to encourage the highest level of student achievement in their academic, career, and personal/ social domains. This involves creating and providing a safe, accepting, and welcoming environment that fosters educational and personal growth while allowing students the freedom to become 21st century learners and citizens of a global community. In partnership with teachers, administrators, parents and the community, School Counselors at Middlesex Middle School strive to support all students in becoming successful problem solvers, self-advocates, and lifelong learners.


The students at Middlesex Middle School are high achieving learners who are well prepared to meet the challenges and expectations of the 21st century with success. All students participate in a rigorous curriculum with opportunities for self-directed personal growth. Supported by the comprehensive school counseling program, strategic partnerships and collaboration between the school, families, and the community are integral to achieving positive outcomes for all students. As successful life-long learners and productive citizens of the 21st century, our students are able to actualize their potential, making a positive difference in our schools, the town of Darien, and the global community.


A student's right to privacy and confidentiality is the basis for an effective counseling relationship. Confidentiality ensures that school counselors won't share students' disclosures with others except when the student authorizes it or when there is a clear and present danger to the student and/or to other persons (see the American Counselor Ethical Standards for School Counselors at