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MMS Academic Teams & Team Meetings

What Are Academic Teams?


MMS is a teaming middle school. Academic teams are found in each grade, 4 to a grade. The academic teachers - English, Math,science social studies and world language (along with special areas) are scheduled for a common planning period and with roughly 80 students between said teachers. Those teamed kids (i.e. blue team, green team, silver team) move through the same teachers all day (i.e. the science teacher has the same 80 kids that the social studies teacher does, etc). 


Benefits of Teaming


Teaming allows for students to get to know the teachers well, and for the teachers to be able to recognize patterns of academic need or behavior more quickly. It also allows the team to function as a smaller school within the grade, and to help foster connections more quickly.


Research has shown that academic teaming leads to improved school climate, increased parent involvement, positive student social and emotional growth, positive peer to peer and student to teacher contact and higher student achievement. 


Parent Conference/Team Meetings


Parents or Teams can schedule meetings with one another throughout the year. Team Leaders will generally help arrange those meetings in concert with the counseling department. Teams will typically reach out when they have a concern. If parents have a concern, the counselor often times can gather feedback and then help decide next steps – one of which could be a team meeting.